Beginning iOS 9 Programming with Swift - Book Only

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Beginning iOS 9 Programming with Swift - Book Only

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** Fully supports Xcode 8, Swift 3 and iOS 10 **

This eBook, available in both PDF and ePub formats, covers the whole aspect of Swift programming and iOS development and takes you every step of the way from an idea to a real app on App Store.

We will build a food app from scratch. Starting by creating an app prototype, we will add one or more features to the app in each chapter and you will have an app after going through the book. During the course of the app development, you will learn:

- New features of Xcode 8 and Swift Programming

- Fully updated for Swift 3 and iOS 10

- Playgrounds in Xcode 8

- Prototyping an app without writing a line of code

- Table view programming

- Table Cell Customization and Self Sizing Cells

- Applying Blur Effect using UIVisualEffect

- Auto layout and Size Classes

- UIView animations and Image Manipulation

- Working with maps

- Accessing Photo Library

- Using web view and sending email

- Search bar integration

- Working with Core Data

- Creating tutorial screens using UIPageViewController

- Integrating with CloudKit and build a social feature

- Pull to Refresh content

- Localizing Your App into different languages

- Arranging beta test using TestFlight

- Submitting your app to App Store

- Adopting 3D Touch

- Implementing User Notifications in iOS 10

Source code and Xcode projects are included in the package.

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